New cowling

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New cowling

Post by Vitus » 03 Aug 2018, 12:04

Some of you pointed out that the cowling doesn't look round enough. So I re-modeled the cowling, changed UV and textures accordingly. What do you think of this:



The new hood is a bit longer, rounder and covers a bit more of the cylinders. Also, I made the cowling waaay thinner.
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Re: New cowling

Post by Jarek » 03 Aug 2018, 22:52

Oh yes, This starts to look like a real thing :)
My only remark is that if it would be possible to reduce gap on sides, to have uniformity of cooling for all cylinders. That would be just perfect.

BTW. It would be nice to keep her in the hangar, it goes a bit rusty now ;-)

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