General information about Wing42's Lockheed Vega.
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Post by Vitus » 22 Jul 2018, 18:43

Hello Tom and Jarek,

I keep reading over the conversations by pm we had and I can't really figure out what the conclusion is in regards to the "supercharger"/"b"-lever discussion, so I thought maybe you could help me with this question.

It boils down to this:
1. was I right in my initial assumption that the supercharger could be engaged/disengaged with the "b" lever of the throttle quadrant?
2. How much of an impact would the SC1 supercharger really have?
3. Is the procedure for the supercharger, as described in the checklist correct from your estimation? I.e. disengage during startup and engage it once the engine is running?

I'd appreciate your input. 8-)
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Re: Supercharger

Post by Jarek » 22 Jul 2018, 20:07

Hello Otmar,

The conclusion is that this is mixture heater, as documented in the Wasp SC1 manual from 1929. This is the only reliable source of information that we have today. So this is part of fuel system model - with hazard of carburetor freeze and loss of power if mixture is above 10 degrees. This is quite challenging to keep it in recommended range (4-10degC) as we have no gauge to monitor this yet in this plane. I believe recommendation was to do it by ear, but this requires good sounds which are not present today. So only some math model could be considered for now.

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