Temporary Engine Sounds

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Temporary Engine Sounds

Post by Tailspin45 » 22 Jun 2018, 23:55

Found a temporary replacement for the engine sounds at flightsim.com.

With over 1000 hours behind a real 1340 I wanted something that sounds good while we wait for the finished product here which, I'm sure, will be superb.

The freeware package I found is for a Ford Tri-Motor that had three 1340s, but comes with instructions and sound cfg files for a single-engine aircraft.

The file is called tweakedfordtri-motorsounds.zip

Remember, it's freeware and not part of the wing42 Vega package--just my suggestion if you're looking for something that sounds a little more authentic. The idle sound is indistinguishable from the real thing, at least to me.
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Re: Temporary Engine Sounds

Post by Vitus » 24 Jun 2018, 11:28

I can recommend this. The soundset is a modification of the original MS FS9 sounds for the Trimotor - the author gave the sounds a bit of an oomph (professional term, as Tailspin pointed out :D ).

Just make sure to follow the procedures for the single engine configuration!

And worry not! Our own sound is coming in a future update! 8-)
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