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General information about Wing42's Lockheed Vega.
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Re: Request a feature

Post by WarHorse47 » 11 Jun 2018, 17:17

My thoughts...

Radio, yes. Transponder and GPS, no. I like to keep with Vitus concept of originality.

Now saying that, if this develops into other versions like the Winnie Mae or Earhart's Vega, that's different. The Winnie Mae, for example, had a Sperry Autopilot and the first ADF. Both had converted cabins for additional fuel and at least one seat for the navigator or a passenger.


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Re: Request a feature

Post by Flyby77 » 12 Jun 2018, 17:35

Just want to say Thank You for a great aircraft. I like the basic radio, and follow on additions upcoming, would there be Radio Range installed early 30's version?
Phil Junkins

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Re: Request a feature

Post by Vitus » 12 Jun 2018, 22:52

Flyby77 wrote:
12 Jun 2018, 17:35
Just want to say Thank You for a great aircraft. I like the basic radio, and follow on additions upcoming, would there be Radio Range installed early 30's version?
Hey Phil, thank you! I am very happy you like the aircraft! 8-)
So.... let me put it this way:
The Winnie Mae will have an ADF-like radio installed, so you can recreate Willey Post's flight. I am uncertain if I should include a VHF radio that looks like it belongs in the Vega. Keep in mind that VHF telephony wasn't a thing for a looooooong time! Lots of radios of that era were Morse-code only and operated on LF frequencies. Also, there was ONE radio that fulfilled both functions: communications AND navigation.
There's no way to accurately represent this in the sim. So whatever the solution is, it will be a compromise. The way I see it, it's one of those options:
1. ADF & VHF radio devices, both to look the part.
2. Only an ADF device for navigation. (VHF still available as anachronistic handheld device)
3. Only a VHF radio that looks like an old-school radio but lacks the navigational function.

I personally think that 1 is the best option, however it creates a different issue: where the heck do we find the space in this tiny cockpit to place two big-a** radio-boxes from the 20s? :lol:
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Re: Request a feature

Post by Muller » 14 Jun 2018, 22:02

I just got this little beauty today. Although I have not yet logged more than an hour with it yet, I will give my opinion based on how I like to fly the sim and how I imagine using it for my flights.

I would go with either option 1 or 2, the main thing for me would be the ADF, radiogoniometer or any other radio direction finding equipment...
I like those vintage planes for flying "old style" navigation in a more realistic way, both long and short range. So yes, an ADF-like equipment in the Vega cockpit would allow me to use the plane for a broader variety of flights than just VFR, without compromising historical realism that much (I think..).

Just my two cents...

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Re: Request a feature

Post by Tailspin45 » 16 Jun 2018, 19:20

Flew a real 1929 aircraft coast to coast across the U.S. with no radios and no transponder a few years ago (it didn't have an electrical system, so we had no choice). So it is possible to operate today without them. See ... y-six.html for details.

But the Vega is pure nostalgia, so please, please make sure any radios are optional and not visible, except possibly a radio-range receiver. A low-frequency radio with a worldwide or even regional set of low-frequency ranges would be fantastic and very realistic.

I encourage anyone interested in the Vega to learn to navigate with just an ADF and NDBs, at least. But radio-ranges would be awesome. The MILVIZ Cessna Bobcat has such a set-up and US coverage so it is possible. It's a fun challenge to relive the glory days of aviation and actually shoot an IFR approach using it.

Amelia's 'Little Red Bus' is a must-have repaint, and should be one of the included liveries, at least in my not-so-humble opinion.

Great job with this. Can't wait for it to be fully released.

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Re: Request a feature

Post by Marco909 » 17 Jun 2018, 22:41

Hi, a beautiful job, I cannot think of a better cockpit for a period aircraft. The texturing, shading and weathering are up with the very best.

Looking at the surprisingly limited information on the internet it seems that the float version had a busy life. Any chance of that on the distant horizon? Regards, Mark

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Re: Request a feature

Post by Marco909 » 17 Jun 2018, 22:45

From the Airline Timetable Images Website, Alaska Coastal Airlines:

Hire a Lockheed Vega Seaplane for $60 per hour!!

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Re: Request a feature

Post by Jarek » 18 Jun 2018, 22:35

Well, it looks like some serious job is planned here... So few suggestions from my side.

I would also vote against radios. This is vintage airplane and should be left like that. Handheld radio can be just emulated by entry in the aircraft.cfg file, so it would be possible to bring up built-in ATC window and operate from there. Just my opinion, but I think it will be better to put some effort in other areas than working on some radio panel. With Orbx it is just fine to fly by compass and what you see on the ground, just like ~90 years ago. Room for '30 radio equipment is only on the back.

New feature ideas:
1. Possibility to attach internal fuel tanks to extend range, possibly with some manual transfer pump (?) to be able to pump fuel from the central tanks to the wing tanks.
2. Model for oil consumption. This is 2nd factor for endurance limits. gives formula: 0.32 oz/(hp•h) [12 g/(kW•h)]. 1935 Manual for similar Bristol Jupiter VII engine, gives consumption figures between 3.5-7kg/h of flight, so it is also in that range for 9-cyl radial of that era. Probably because of that, Winnie Mae had 25-galon tank instead of default 10. With persistence model it would be another thing to take care of, with overheating hazard if you run out of oil.
3. Compass correction card (with table - for 360 steer 355 etc.) Something like this: ... -pioneer-1. Data from 'Little Red Bus' is available, hi-res photos are available here: ... -21920.jpg. I think it could be copied from this aircraft and simulated, so you need to calculate corrections both for magnetic and engine deviations.
4. Some models have landing lights pointing downwards, there is a switch that could be seen for left and right light, maybe this could be added as an option.

Best Regards, J

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