You're back - that's awesome!

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You're back - that's awesome!

Post by gojozoom » 10 Aug 2017, 01:49

Hey Vitus,

Just wanted to say how awesome to see you back, especially as a commercial developer! I really hope you'll add your Electra to the Wing42 hangar at some point - it's been one of the most exciting developments in its time and in my opinion it was way ahead of even some payware in terms of features and techniques. I visited that WIP forum thread twice a day for months :)

You can definitively count on me for an Early Alpha purchase of the Vega! I think the choice of era and aircraft (radials from 20s-30s) is ingenious. It's not a well represented era, and to be honest I don't think that Golden Age Simulations is up to today's standards anymore... I'm looking forward to the awesome Stinsons, and Wacos :)

I wish you the best of luck for this new endeavour!

PS: I emailed a "News tip" to AirdailyX about Wing42 and the Vega, hope you don't mind.

PS#2: Finish that Electra pretty please! The Justflight one has good textures but it has no soul...

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Re: You're back - that's awesome!

Post by Vitus » 10 Aug 2017, 11:45

Hi gojozoom,
welcome to the forum and congratulations for being the first to sign up! And thanks a lot for your kind words, it's good to be back! Rest assured, the Electra is coming, but you will need some patience. It's next up after the Vega.

Many of the features of the Electra you can find in the Vega as well. And I can assure you that it's worthwhile to fly her with all the quirks I put in the simulation.

And of course I don't mind a promotion. Wing42 desperately needs attention :mrgreen:

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Re: You're back - that's awesome!

Post by VH-MAL » 17 Jun 2018, 07:16

I agree totally with gogozoom, it is great to see a high fidelity sim being developed.

The old radials have a character all their own, and it is wonderful to see the level of detail already being put into this venture.

I found out about your project from Novawing24, and I'm pleased to be on board at this early stage in what will be an exciting and rewarding journey.

I wish you every success with this sim.


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