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Comment from a brand new owner

Post by Rod » 28 Aug 2018, 12:48

Mr. Nitsche:

I bought the Vega 5b Sunday, 26 August, and wanted to share my first impressions:

This is a wonderful simulation for a variety of reasons:
1. Because it is an early-access release, the buyer gets literally more than they pay for and none of us really know what is going to be added next, or when it will be added. The user community gets to influence the final product. (I favor a third gas tank for longer range and would like to see DR (E6B) and over-the horizon navigational instruments, e.g., bubble sextant, drift instrument, and plotting board integrated after the mechanical systems are fully functional.)
2. It works precisely as advertised, but that implies that the owner has to do the unmanly thing and actually read the instructions. Then, the Vega purrs like the proverbial kitten.
3. The Simulation Manual is an especially strong feature. It goes far beyond explaining how the Vega operations and makes the new owner part of the developing product.
4. The videos do a great job of reinforcing the written word. Please keep them coming.
5. It is both a teaching tool and a learning tool. Working with Jack the mechanic, you learn far more about the sub-systems that combine to make up the Vega than is found in other aircraft simulations. (Parenthetically, the simulation that I dream for is a WWII asdic trawler that allows the user to operate the coal-fired boiler, do the steam calculations required to run the plant, and do the navigation on the bridge. That won’t happen, so the Vega makes me a very happy camper.)
6. The support forum will keep me busy learning from others and reading the research material provided

Mr. Nitsche, your work is truly outstanding!

Best wishes,
Rod Lackey

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Re: Comment from a brand new owner

Post by Vitus » 29 Aug 2018, 06:57

Hello Mr. Lackey,

Thank you for your kind words. You cannot imagine how happy I am o read of your appreciation of the Wing42 Vega! I want to address the points you made:
1. The Early-Access allows me to pick the brains of dozens of people, helping me to create a product that you and all other customers want to fly. I appreciate all the comments, ideas and criticisms I get and I think that it all helps to shape the add-on for the better!
I share your vision for a proper way to navigate the aircraft and have some plans about this as well. Considering the scope of such a navigation suite, it will probably be a separate add-on that will work both in conjunction with the Vega, but can also be utilized for other 3rd party addons. It's something I always wanted to see in flightsim, but obviously the completion of the Vega comes first!
2. Thank you! It was very important to me that the product stands on its feet, despite it being "Early-Access".
3. I want to share a secret with you: the reason why the document is called "simulation manual" is that I always wanted to include a second manual that deals entirely with the operation of the aircraft. In other words, the "Manual of Operation" will be an instruction book for the aircraft, as you would get one when purchasing a real-world Vega (and avoiding terms like "click", "mouse wheel", "panel"), whereas the "Simulation Manual" deals solely with the simulation side of things, explaining HOW things works and how they interact with the sim. But as it is with everything else: it' a matter of time, and so far I had too little of it to start writing ;)
4. Eventually I hope to create some proper tutorials for the Vega as well, but video editing is not my strong suite. But I am happy you appreciate the videos I put up.
5. I think you can only really appreciate the add-on when you dig into the systems, and because of that, it's prudent to communicate HOW things work. While the interactive mechanic and the manual help with that, I believe the Vega is still lacking at that front. But I have a great idea I hope to incorporate with the final release - but that's top-secret for now :p
Oh wow, what an awesome idea you have there! It would be a ShipSim, mixed with the Prop-o-Tronic physics engine to add realism to the systems. I love the idea.
6. While this forum is still young, innocent and small, there are some amazing conversations taking place here. Please don't shy away from entering in the discussions and feel free to ask any question! Every post here in the forum helps me understand what you want to see in my add-ons!

And now it's time to drop the formalities. We're all friends here and you can call me Otmar :mrgreen:

Thank you again for your wonderful message, it always makes my day to see that I made someone happy with my little old Lady.

Kind regards,
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Re: Comment from a brand new owner

Post by Rod » 29 Aug 2018, 19:14

Hi Otmar,

Many thanks for your response! I got to do a couple of flights in my Vega today, so your updates are looking more and more like an early Christmas. The Vega is so stable that I can do DR pretty much like I was on a ship. In fact, I intend to do some practise flights out of Norfolk VA to points like Cape Hatteras, Wilmington NC, etc. I'd love to do Norfolk to Bermuda but, if I can still read a chart, I'd fall out of the sky just before I got there!

I know that you're thinking of doing the Electra after the Vega, so the idea of a stand-alone navigation suite that would work in both sounds great. You can add my name to the customer list for the early access release of the Electra now. I'm sure that it will be as much fun as the vega!

I'm really looking forward to the future with the Vega.

Best wishes,

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