Lockheed logos

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Lockheed logos

Post by Yossarian1943 » 21 Jul 2018, 01:57

Hi Vitus,

I know this issue was discussed befure, but on some liveries the Lockheed logos on the tail fin are stil reversed.

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Re: Lockheed logos

Post by Vitus » 21 Jul 2018, 13:31

Yes, I just switched the ones of the Eagle. But you're right, there's other liveries that should have the logos switched.
But don't buy into this "the star is always in the front" nonsense. At least with the Vega, Lockheed doesn't seem to care which way their logo is pointing, although most of the time, the star points forward.

As an example, here's the NC-162-W. Yep, that's the same "Mirow Air Service" aircraft, but in a later livery:

But ok, I take your point... I'll try to be more consistent with reality in the future :mrgreen:
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