Minor issue: luggage not loaded

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Minor issue: luggage not loaded

Post by Vitus » 16 Apr 2019, 08:48

Some of you might have noticed this: in the current build, the animation/visibility off the luggage doesn't work as expected. The reason for that is that I changed the designation of the payload stations in v0.85, to better accommodate the Winnie Mae. While the Winnie Mae comes with her own aircraft.cfg file, I set her up to use the same Vega5.DLL file (the file that runs prop-o-tronic and all the system simulation). But since the Winnie Mae has fewer payload stations with the only passenger being Harold Gatty, I thought it'd be a good idea to put the passenger payload stations on the bottom of the pile, making payload station 2 the new cargo station.

The problem is that I didn't tell the 3d model about these changes. The different pieces of luggage still correspond to payload station 5 and thus now only move if you board/unboard passengers from the row in the middle. :?

Since this is not am important issue, I'd suggest we put this off until version 0.90, since it involves updating the 3d model - and I'm a bit reluctant to do that in a hotfix.
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