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Posted: 11 Apr 2019, 16:28
by binarkansas
I really am impressed with the Vega. The version 8.5 has made the model more enjoyable for me. My question is: Once passengers are loaded, should the show up in an exterior view of the aircraft. If so, I'm doing something wrong. If not, could that be included in the next update?


Re: Passengers

Posted: 11 Apr 2019, 16:59
by pedrotrindade
I believe I read somewhere that is planned for a future update.

Re: Passengers

Posted: 11 Apr 2019, 19:10
by Vitus
Hi Barry,

Yes, I want to see passengers too. It'll probably be one of the last things added to the aircraft though, so don't get your hopes up to see it in 0.90 yet. My main focus has always been the system simulation, once that's dealt with I'll add more bells and whistles.

Re: Passengers

Posted: 15 Apr 2019, 22:20
by binarkansas
Thanks for the answer to my question. The Vega is a great model!