Oil issues

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Re: Oil issues

Post by timmee62 » 21 Apr 2019, 21:36

I'll be interested to know what results you get

- Tim

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Re: Oil issues

Post by Vitus » 23 Apr 2019, 13:12

Hello folks!
To answer a couple of questions that popped up in the course of this conversation:
1. YES, the oil grade is linked to temperature, pressure and viscosity, based on the underlying physics:
The viscosity of an oil changes, depending on the temperature. The higher the temperature, the more runny the oil gets. And the more runny the oil is, the faster it flows through the engine, because it squeezes easier through the tiny cavities. This has the effect that the oil pump has less work to perform, and the oil pressure drops as the oil warms up and becomes less viscous.

2. Version 0.85 doesn't allow for an oil change yet. And - in theory - the engine SHOULDN'T consume any oil yet either. This means you'd have to "hack" yourself an empty oil tank if you want to experiment with various oil grades. Open the data file of the Vega using any text editor (Notepad does the trick). You can find it under:
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Wing42\Lockheed Vega\data.dat

You can find all data related to the oil system under <Lubrication>. Change the volume of the oil tank to 0.0:

Save the file and start a flight with the Vega. When you open the walkaround panel, you'll get notified that the tank is empty and you can choose a different oil grade.

3. There's still a bug in the heat-exchange module that causes some temperature values to become erroneous on a long flight. This has repercussions on the oil system as well, since the oil is a major factor in engine cooling. I ask you to ignore any issue around this specific problem for now, and just reload the aircraft if this happens to you. That should resolve the problem, but may lead to an empty oil tank, so watch out for that!
I'm half-way there at fixing this issue, but it'll be resolved with version 0.90.

4. Version 0.90 will also introduce oil consumption and the option of a proper oil change. So things will get more serious in this regards :)

Please let me know if I missed any of your questions, or if I confused you even more. I'm happy to clarify.

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Re: Oil issues

Post by mthrift » 23 Apr 2019, 19:29

I had been following this exchange because I had been experiencing oil issues myself - high temps, low pressure, etc. I had not thought about being out of oil, but checked it over the weekend and found it to be empty (with no idea how it happened)! So, I filled it up with SAE 30, took a flight, and and et voila, gauge readings were back in the normal range! I'll definitely be paying attention to that each time going forward.

Thanks for your detailed reply, Vitus!


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Re: Oil issues

Post by jbirdsal » 31 Aug 2019, 05:19

Just experienced a similar problem -- oil pressure racing toward the tens of millions and temperature dropping to -101C (and counting). This occurred inflight, although the symptoms didn't appear until after I resumed flying following an approximately 1 hr pause. Might it be possible that pausing the simulator is causing this?

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Re: Oil issues

Post by jbirdsal » 31 Aug 2019, 16:17

Follow-up: after an overnight pause (same flight as the above-described) I immediately got the "random empty" bug -- debug was indicating 25L in the tank last night, now 0L, lowering system pressure, and high system temperature immediately following unpause this morning. Beginning to strongly suspect that pausing the simulator has something to do with triggering this bug.



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