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Known issues, missing features

Posted: 03 Apr 2018, 20:38
by Vitus
Here is a list of the current issues with the Wing42 Lockheed Vega 5. It will give you a guide as to what to expect, what parts are still missing, and what problems have been identified so far. If you find any issues or need clarification, feel free to comment below or open a new thread. I will update the list from time to time to keep it up to date.

Missing features
  • Fuel system While the basic fuel distribution is working, things like carburetor, primer and mixture are not properly implemented yet. This also means that the engine starts very easily at the moment, since none of the usual procedures (prime engine, bring fuel pressure up, etc) need to be followed yet.
  • Ignition The magnetos work, so does the switch and it corresponds with the sim's events - i.e. can be activated by key-press or controller. However, spark plugs and fouling are not part of the simulation yet.
  • Heat Exchange One huge chunk yet missing in the simulation is the proper simulation of heat. The heat generated by the engine will be dissipated through the oil as well as the airflow. I am currently working on the algorithms for that part of the physics simulation. -done.
  • Lubrication I spent a loooot of time to get the underlying simulation working and you are able to have an insight look through the debug panel. But since the heat exchange is not implemented yet, the oil doesn't heat up, and therefore won't behave as intended just yet.
  • Powerplant The two-speed supercharger won't be operational yet. Carburetor heat is not fully functional yet and relies on FSX/P3D logic (which I deem insufficient). Same for the Spark-advance - modeled and animated, but doesn't serve a function just yet.
  • Variation The early alpha release includes the Lockheed Vega version 5C only. The 5C features a Pratt and Whitney R-1340 engine, the NACA cowling, seats for six passengers and a very basic cockpit layout with no radios or autopilot. More variations will follow.
  • Wear, tear and failures While provisions have been made to facilitate a wide range of malfunctions of the aircraft's systems, only few of them will occur for the moment. For instance you can overload the electrical system, but devices should not incur any random errors just yet.
  • Passengers There's no visual representation of the passengers yet.
  • Sound The sound engine is still in the works, so for the time being, none of the controls will produce a proper sound. The sound of the aircraft's engine is preliminary and will be replaced.
  • Effects Many effects, like extensive smoke on startup etc. are not implemented yet. -done.
Bugs and other issues
  • Entering one of the menus of the sim resets some variables of the aircraft - e.g. the payload and fuel.
  • The report cards for the maintenance manual don't display the proper text. The mechanic, Jack, is still very basic.
  • Tie down ropes not displayed yet - fix will be included in the next update (11/06/2018)
  • Pilot seat doesn't open in the virtual cockpit - fixed
  • Cockpit light "bleeds" through the exterior model
  • Tail-wheel animation doesn't behave properly yet.
  • Missing animations for the pilot, cables in the fuse box and the cover of the stick.
  • Maintenance manual doesn't reset yet. If you need to repeat an inspection/fix you have to reload the aircraft at the moment
  • Strange behavior while wheel chocks/tie downs are applied. I need to figure out a better way to strap the ship down to the ground, the current method is insufficient. - fix will be included in the next update (11/06/2018)
  • Maintenance tool is available during flight. Yeah, this shouldn't be the case.

Re: Known issues, missing features

Posted: 11 Jun 2018, 00:19
by Vitus
To give some explanation to the fixes I applied:
I finished my overhaul of the wheel chocks & tie downs. The tie-downs will now be visible and I fixed the issues that occur when you load the aircraft mid-flight. While I'd still recommend you to load the Vega sitting somewhere on the ground, at least it doesn't cause the impossible "freezing" of the aircraft and controls any more. In fact, I eliminated the need to use the "freeze" command, I was using before for the wheel chocks and tie-downs, altogether and instead went for a SimConnect solution. Unfortunately, the solution is not as steady as the freeze command. More specific: the aircraft will creep forward slightly if you open the throttle too wide with wheel chocks/tie-downs installed. Still holds better than any parking brake would, but it's still not ideal that this happens. (I might have a solution for this minor issue in the future....)
However there are two major advantages using this method:
1. you can now use the slew mode while the chocks/tie downs are installed
2. Changing the payload doesn't create problems with the "frozen" state aircraft.