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Mysterious Vega Seaplane

Posted: 26 Oct 2018, 15:54
by Tailspin45
Here's a rare and mysterious Vega for you...rare because it never was built, and also rare because I've never seen this drawing anywhere else--not even in authoritative Lockheed histories. This concept drawing was among some other Lockheed materials dated 1927 which I just found.

This drawing has no date, but it's really fun to look at a document with initials "G. V" on it that was created just 3 weeks after the first Vega flew and then realize that was-soon-to-be-famous Gerry Vultee.

As I understand it, the second Vega built was supposed to turn out like this. But after Arctic adventurer Wilkinson bought it they determined it wouldn't do the job and he used a Vega. Later, they built him a Model 4 Explorer landplane with a larger wing and greater fuel capacity.

For those not familiar, the Lockheed family included the Model 1 Vega, Model 2 and 2A Vega, Model 3 Air Express, Model 4 Explorer, Model 5 Vega, Model 6 perhaps this?, and the Model 7 Explorer. But they were not constructed in that order, just to confuse the issue.

The Model 8 Sirius, Model 8DĀ Altair, and Model 9 Orion completed the wooden Lockheed line before the introduction of the Detroit-Lockheed DL-1 Vega with a metal fuselage and the all-metal, twin-engine Model 10 Electra.


Re: Mysterious Vega Seaplane

Posted: 22 May 2019, 19:50
by Jaggyroad
Okay, that's seriously interesting. I'd be curious what this was found with? Where did you find it? I'm assuming this is a scanned image? I'd love to see a higher resolution image.

Re: Mysterious Vega Seaplane

Posted: 21 Aug 2019, 18:08
by Tailspin45
It is a scan, scanned by a librarian at Auburn University where the page was part of an aviation historians archive given to the library for preservation. It was among a lot of other early Laughead papers and design documents.