Landing gear strut compression

General information about the Wing42 Lockheed Vega.
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Landing gear strut compression

Post by Jarek » 13 Jul 2018, 23:31

My poor calculations give result of 125-130% of strut extension when Vega is in the air comparing to when she is on the ground.

This is based on pictures of N965Y found here:

In the air (struts extended, notice visible, unpainted part of the fairing)
and here (similar view, aircraft on the ground):
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Re: Landing gear strut compression

Post by Tailspin45 » 14 Jul 2018, 02:03

An observation: I assume these are oleo struts with springs (I frankly forget or maybe never knew). If they are, you can be sure the struts are flat and fully collapsed in the second image. So the aircraft is sitting at least 3-4" lower than it would otherwise. Standard practice is to be sure you can see at least as much of the inflated strut as a pack of Lucky Stike cigarettes. These struts, of course, are covered by a fairing so we can't tell, but...

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