Install Manual Mentions Some Files

General information about the Wing42 Lockheed Vega.
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Install Manual Mentions Some Files

Post by Canuckshaw » 07 Jun 2018, 17:52


The install manual includes: Simulation files

The setup program is creating the folder Wing42 Lockheed Vega 5 into the default SimObjects folder
of your simulator platform. This folder contains all files necessary to run the Lockheed Vega on your
machine, i.e. 3d model, textures, sounds, gauges and flight model.

In addition it is necessary to copy some files directly into the flight simulator’s root system. Those
files are:

<sim root>\Fonts\ Om Telolet Om.ttf veteran typewriter.ttf Fonts for the 2d panels – maintenance manual and ground crew interface.

<sim root>\Effects\ Various files with the fx_l5_ prefix. Effect files for the lights, smoke puffs and dirt.

<sim root>\Effects\texture fx_l5_flame.bmp fx_l5_1.bmp Textures for smoke puffs, lights, etc.

The manual does not state where to find these files.

I am assuming they are included in the installation package now and the manual just needs an update.

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Re: Install Manual Mentions Some Files

Post by Vitus » 07 Jun 2018, 17:56

Yes, you are correct in this assumption. The installer contains all the files needed to run the Vega.

Sorry for the confusion. I'll try to word it a bit better in the next revision!
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