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Posted: 23 Apr 2019, 12:50
by Vitus
In preparation for the upcoming Lockheed Electra, I opened another board to share information specific to this aircraft.


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Posted: 23 Apr 2019, 22:01
by triflyman
Was hoping this would be your next project...a natural.

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Posted: 24 Apr 2019, 09:26
by pedrotrindade
Now that's a great way of starting the day :) Great to know she's taking shape. Good luck on this project and looking forward to fly her.


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Posted: 27 Apr 2019, 14:41
by Mgchristy
Fantastic! This will be a worthy companion to the Vega.

Not sure if the details are ironed out at this phase, but will this also be available for FSX as well as P3D - much like the Vega?

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Posted: 27 Apr 2019, 15:02
by Vitus
Hey guys,

Just to give you a bit of background on this next project. I was actually working on the Lockheed Electra many years ago, but life got in the way and I didn't have the time back then to finish it. I am picking this aircraft up where I left it, but there are many, many things that need a complete overhaul.

My plans are to produce a P3D and FSX addon. For the P3D model, I want to implement PBR textures, which of course are not available for FSX. At that point we're talking about a completely different product and I think it makes sense to sell it as such. The plan is to have a FSX add-on in the store, a P3D add-on and a bundle option for both.

But honestly, I would REALLY recommend switching to Prepar3D. It's soooo much better 8-)

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Posted: 27 Apr 2019, 16:36
by Mgchristy
Sounds good. Thanks, Otmar.
But honestly, I would REALLY recommend switching to Prepar3D. It's soooo much better 8-)
I plan on upgrading within the next year when I finally replace my current rig. Like many, I still have a bundle of FSX-only “stuff” that I’d like to keep using in the meantime. I know it’s a hassle for developers to engineer products for multiple your efforts are much appreciated!

I actually still have FS9 installed for the same reason (love my Dreamfleet 727!). And perhaps my only regret with the Vega and upcoming Electra is that products of such high caliber weren’t available back when I had an install of the retro ‘Golden Wings’ for FS2004. They would’ve been a perfect match...

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Posted: 05 May 2019, 17:58
by WarHorse47
Vitus wrote:
27 Apr 2019, 15:02
But honestly, I would REALLY recommend switching to Prepar3D. It's soooo much better 8-)
There is still a lot of debate regarding migrating to P3D. ;)

Although there are benefits to going to a 64 bit platform, it still lacks a lot of addons for scenery, etc. as compared to FSX. I have so much invested in FSX that I'm going to stick with it as long as I can and will only consider P3D if I have to replace my entire system. And I'm not excited about having to purchase products for a second time just for P3D compatibility (which seems to be changing daily). :shock:

Maybe some day. Glad you're considering to continue development in FSX.


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Posted: 20 May 2019, 00:16
by Butch
When you make the Electra, I hope that you will make it P3D V3 compatible.

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Posted: 20 May 2019, 18:26
by Vitus
Yes, I can include a P3Dv3 version. It'll come bundled with the FSX version!

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Posted: 16 Jun 2019, 22:33
by SFJay11
Hello Vitus, I think the Lockheed Electra 10 is a fine choice as the next aircraft Wing42 develops. It's a very significant aircraft historically and one of the prettiest ones to come out of the thirties. I've always loved twin engine aircraft and especially any power with radials. Nothing sounds quite as nice as two R-985's purring along in sync so I'll be anxious to see what you folks come up with. Look forward to hearing more about this project. Cheers!
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